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Persuasion Chapter 1

Here is another series I'm starting, I'll be uploading the first chapter of a few books to see which ones you guys would like to hear more of. Be sure to like comment and subscribe...

A new segment where I recount my dreams and the real life parallels..

My Motivation

This is the 2nd part of me talking about what drives me forward in life towards my goals.

Quality of Life

This is part 1 of me talking about what I'm working towards in life. I'm proud of my growth from the beginning of the year...

Becoming Fat Thor

The holidays can be a difficult time for some people. Whatever you may be going through just know you aren't alone. Here is a look of when i was just lifting myself out of a month ...

You know how sometimes you find yourself absolutely craving Chick Fil A but then realize it's Sunday? Well I had that craving but for a Popeye's chicken sandwich and wouldn't you k...

Update on LIfe

Just a half episode to give a quick update about how I'm doing now while i record the next batch of episodes

The Depths of My Heart

I really debated if I should upload this one or not. This is perhaps the most personal I could possibly get, really putting my heart on my sleeve with this.... but I feel like it's...

Podcast Thoughts Pt. 2

My initial thoughts on what my podcast should be like, part 2 of 2.

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